40 Informative Sites to Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods

Published by Madison on Fri November 11, 2011

Teaching methods provide great foundations for the classroom, but what if that class includes children with special needs? Or, if you want to focus on special-needs children, who do you expect to lean on to learn new techniques for the classroom? While local support groups may provide great peer advice, some of the best teaching tools are online, as they often pertain to specific special education teaching methodologies. The following list of 40 informative sites to learn about effective special education teaching methods includes all-inclusive tips, specific teaching aids and collaborative teaching methods with parents and with other teachers.


40 Must-See YouTube Videos To Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods

Published by Katy on Thu November 10, 2011

Those studying for a degree in special education know that there are many challenges to both studying and practicing these specialized teaching methods. With the education of so many needy children at stake, it is very important to know as much as you can about the subject. Everyone from parents of special needs children to teachers to those who want to see the most disadvantaged children taken care of can benefit from learning more.

To help accomplish this, we have gathered 40 must see YouTube videos to learn about effective special education teaching methods. In addition to teaching a few techniques that can help all sorts of students learn, they can help you learn everything from the basics of special education all the way up to policy practices in the area. (more…)

40 Inspiring Blogs Every Special Education Teacher Should Read

Published by Madison on Tue August 30, 2011

Working with special needs students is both challenging and rewarding. While a master’s degree in special education can prepare you for the policies, psychology and structure involved in teaching special education courses, sometimes it takes a little boost from peers to get that creative and inspirational spark going. The following list is filled with 40 inspiring blogs that every special education teacher should read, as they focus on special needs kids as well as on creative ways to teach those students. Special education teachers, organizations and professionals provide the blogs below — all you need to do is let your own imagination spark as you read them! (more…)

7 Must-Read Books About Special Education

Published by Madison on Fri January 15, 2010

Special education focuses on teaching students with special needs who require a certain type of attention and education. These students differ in that information is processed differently, and their education requires individually-planned and systematically-monitored teaching procedures, processes, materials, settings, as well as other necessary interventions in order for them to be successful in the classroom. This list offers seven essential books on special education which focus on the implementation of various teaching methods, as well as how parents can collaborate with educators to further their children’s progress. (more…)