40 Must-See YouTube Videos To Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods

Published by Katy on Thu November 10, 2011

Those studying for a degree in special education know that there are many challenges to both studying and practicing these specialized teaching methods. With the education of so many needy children at stake, it is very important to know as much as you can about the subject. Everyone from parents of special needs children to teachers to those who want to see the most disadvantaged children taken care of can benefit from learning more.

To help accomplish this, we have gathered 40 must see YouTube videos to learn about effective special education teaching methods. In addition to teaching a few techniques that can help all sorts of students learn, they can help you learn everything from the basics of special education all the way up to policy practices in the area.

Must-See Introductory YouTube Videos To Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods

  1. Introduction to Special Education
    This video targets the parents of special needs children. It covers the education process including evaluation, referral, the Individualized Education Plan, and annual review. It was made by the DPI and the Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative.
  2. Special Education Success Stories
    See what happens when special education goes right in this video. The video showcases the special school O’Hearn in Massachusetts. The basics of teaching a child with special needs are discussed.
  3. A Day in the Life of a Special Education Teacher
    This is a profile of the SCB, or school community based special education program at James Hubert Blake high school in Montgomery County, Maryland. A team of teachers, administrators, and specialists come together each day to support and teach these students. A good choice for both parents and teachers.
  4. A Day in the Life
    Similar to the above, this video also follows special education teachers. It is provided by Career One Stop, which has more on their main site.
  5. Special Education IEP Meeting
    Parents of special needs children can face many obstacles. In this automated video, parents can learn what to expect from a meeting with a special education advisor. The main site has more.
  6. Flashcards
    Both special needs and other students will enjoy this flashcard presentation. It was made for a six month old baby to learn English. However, over two million have stopped by to see it themselves.
  7. Phonics Alphabet Sounds for Children
    Like the above, any student can enjoy this video. It helps teach the letters and sounds of each letter of the alphabet. Pictures to accompany words are also useful.
  8. Grace
    Get the story of a family with a child with Down syndrome in this video. It is a short documentary discussing the little girl and her parents. They discuss challenges, joys, and more.

Must-See YouTube Videos for Teachers To Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods

  1. Special Education CD
    The people at Helping to Grow share this video on teaching special needs children. In it, you can see how a simple computer program can do wonders. It was designed for students with autism, PDD, and other learning difficulties.
  2. Relaxation Techniques
    Teachers of any child can use these techniques to help children relax. A teacher and her students discuss what tension looks like. They also delve into how to relax.
  3. Special Education Teachers
    This informational video shows what special education needs teachers do and how they interact with their students. A range of expectations and responsibilities is also shared.
  4. The Classroom of David Whitt
    He is a real life special education teacher. In these series of videos, he shares more on how to teach to special needs children. This particular one was about setting up the classroom.
  5. Introduction iPods Into Special Education
    Those little devices aren’t just for jogging music. This video shows how iPods can be useful in special education teaching. The classroom is at the Special School District of Saint Louis County.
  6. Assistive Technology
    Kathy is a special education teacher and the star of this short video. She demonstrates a few technology pieces she uses in the classroom. The Tech Speak is one of the few she uses.
  7. How to Teach Special Phonics Sounds
    Learn about teaching phonics to children with help from a state-certified teacher in this free video on teaching special phonics sounds. Expert Ileana Padilla-Boyd has a few tips for the practice. Useful for all kinds of students.
  8. Teaching Strategies in Special Education
    In special education, the standard course of study should be modified and simplified to help kids with special needs to remember. Learn about research-based instructional programs that are used to teach reading in special education with help from a special education teacher in this free video on teaching strategies in special education.

Must-See YouTube Videos To Learn About Effective Autism Teaching Methods

  1. Autism Therapy
    In this video, a teacher and her autistic student conduct therapy methods. The video is especially outstanding for being show in real time with no edits. The main sites have more.
  2. 10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew
    Many autistic children have trouble expressing themselves. This YouTube video shows what autistic children are thinking but can’t always express. What they like and don’t like is shared.
  3. Picture Exchange
    Because many autistic children communicate visually, click here to learn more about picture exchange communication. Cards are used to help the child communicate.
  4. How to Recognize the Early Signs of Autism
    Every teacher and parent should watch this video to learn to know what to look for in infant behavior. Because early detection can help treat autism, it is important to know. Visual and hearing cues are shared.
  5. How to Teach Social Skills to Autistic Children
    This video is brought to YouTube by Naturally Autistic. It shows that autistic children learn to socialize best when done in a natural environment with family, friends, and community. It also features inspiration.
  6. Autistic Boy at 2
    See what an autistic child looks like as a toddler in this video. Bubba has several YouTube videos in which you can monitor his progress. Over 100,000 have tuned in to check it out.
  7. Using Visuals to Teach Autistic Students
    Token boards, distraction-free photo flash cards, photo schedules, and augmentative communication devices help autistic students to learn. These include communications, daily living, and more. Check out how Silver Lining MM can help.
  8. Teaching Life Skills to Autistic Teenager
    This video is part of the How to Teach Life Skills series from eHow. Dr. Darren Adams narrates the videos. The most difficult skill to teach is also discussed.
  9. Math and Numeracy
    It can be plenty hard to teach a student these subjects even if they don’t have a learning disability. However, this video shows how an ABA system and an iPhone app can help teach autistic children both.

Other Must-See YouTube Videos To Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Methods

  1. Making the Sensational Happen
    Those interested in teaching children with vision problems should watch this video. It focuses on the Blind Children’s Center whose mission is to optimize each child’s development by providing a special education/vision program within a fully inclusive mulch-disciplinary model. Their main site has more.
  2. 10 Things People With Down Syndrome Would Like You to Know
    This video is much like the one for autism. A short slideshow features the things that others should most know about those with Down syndrome. Many misconceptions are deconstructed.
  3. Teaching Strategies for Disruptive Students
    Because any student can be disruptive, click here. Teachnology helps discuss useful teaching methods. This particular one focuses on disruptive students.
  4. Working With Children With Special Needs
    The students at the Personal Demons Project discuss their work here. From Rotherham, they talk about working with students with special needs. Also a good tool for students who want to help other students.
  5. Yoga for Children With Special Needs
    Proving that there is yoga for just about everything is this video. Aras Baskauskas teaches children with special needs yoga. A few of the moves are shared, as well as students participating in it.
  6. Yoga and Children With Down Syndrome
    Similar to the above, this video focuses on yoga for children with special needs, particularly Down syndrome. Taught and produced by Lucia Cordeiro Drever, she features the first chapter of a DVD of the same name. You can purchase the full version on her site.
  7. Daily Routines for Teaching Deaf Children
    If your students have hearing problems, click here. It is a video that gives examples of daily routines in teaching vocabulary and language for the deaf. The Color of Language site has more.
  8. Cerebral Palsy and Physical Therapy
    See how physical therapy can help special needs students here. Noreen Scott is a pediatric physical therapist and the owner of a Georgia based center. It also tells parents and teachers what to expect from those with cerebral palsy.

Must-See YouTube Videos To Learn About Effective Special Education Teaching Policy

  1. Rick Lavoie
    He is an expert who specializes in special education. Also the author of “It’s Hard Work to be Your Friend,” he discusses more on this interview with “The Today Show.”
  2. The Inclusive Classroom
    Learn about why children with disabilities should stay in the classroom with their peers in this video. It discusses how the inclusive method can benefit all.
  3. Inclusion is Belonging
    Similar to the above, this video discusses more on the topic of inclusion. It is provided by Torrieat KIT. Also a good choice for kids.
  4. Accommodations for Children With Vision Disabilities
    Torrie Dunlap discusses the best accommodations for students with vision disabilities. She features an actual teacher and students demonstrating tips and recommendations.
  5. Education Policy in the Next Administration
    This discussion took place before the 2008 presidential election was held. A panel of experts at the New American Foundation discussed what the future for education holds. Special education is also discussed.
  6. The Future of Special Needs Policy
    Matthew Taylor gives his thoughts on how government policy could be better tailored to support those with special needs. A short, three minutes is shared, as well as his thoughts and experiences in working with special needs.
  7. History of Special Education
    In order to better shape the future, the history of special education is taught in this video. It’s beginnings in the days of World War II are shared, as well as the laws passed regarding special needs. They also have a link with more.

Remember that the above 40 must see YouTube videos to learn about effective special education teaching methods are supplementary. If looking to teach a special needs child or suspect your child might have special need, please contact a licensed professional.

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