MEd in Special Education Degrees


The MEd in Special Education program provides students a more individualized special education preparation for students who have completed undergraduate programs in special education or related areas. After obtaining the needed degree or degrees, aspiring special education teachers must pass a licensing test and an assessment or certification test to be fully accredited in most states. Such tests measure the knowledge and aptitude of those who want to become a special education teacher. There is also categorical licensure, in which teachers are certified to teach only certain kinds of special education students.

Degree Description

The program focuses on field-based learning and experiences while offering multiple opportunities to participate in teaching, research, and service. Basic requirements include a core of courses and field-based capabilities common to all areas of special education including high incidence disabilities, severe disabilities, early childhood education, and visual impairments. Field experiences are a very important because students prepare to work with children and adults with mental retardation, autism, language impairments, behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, visual impairments, orthopedic disabilities, or multiple disabilities.

General Requirements

There are multiple requirements for current and prospective special education teachers. These requirements vary from state to state. Most individuals who become special education teachers earn an undergraduate degree, complete an approved training program in special education, and then become certified. All teachers, whether leading a special education classroom or a general education classroom, must be certified in every state in the United States.

Online MEd in Special Education Programs

  • Brenau University: MEd in Special Education
  • Concordia University – Portland: MEd in Curriculum & Instruction – Special Education
  • Graceland University: MEd in Mild/Moderate Special Education
  • Grand Canyon University: MEd in Special Education (IR and Cert)
  • Grand Canyon University: MEd in Special Education (No IR, No Cert)
  • Liberty University: MEd in Teaching and Learning – Special Education
  • Northcentral University: MEd in Special Education
  • Southern New Hampshire University: MEd in Curriculum & Instruction – Special Education
  • University of Cincinnati: MEd in Special Education

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